Dans le tote bag de Nelson Monfort : le pack d'un fan de sports

In Nelson Monfort's tote bag: a sports fan's pack

In June, I had the opportunity to meet Nelson Monfort at the Tours Métropole Business Club . It is a legend that has accompanied us for generations during all major sporting events.

I took this opportunity to offer him a tote bag with my creations, so find out what's in Nelson's tote bag:

nelson monfort tote bag: gifts for sports fans

The tennis fan selection:

The figure skating fan selection:

The sports fan selection:

I can proudly say that Nelson now has some very nice Sports Artist posters and cards (including a skating one made for the occasion). I like the idea that he will perhaps drink his coffee in the morning with his “Nelson” Tennis cup and that he will make Philippe Candeloro jealous with his insulated figure skating flask.

A humble and beautiful experience:

It was a first for me to be at this event and quite frankly I don't regret it. In addition to meeting other leaders, I had the honor of eating at his table. He is humble, he has a nice touch of humor and he has great wisdom about his journey. The lesson of his profession and his success - according to him - is to always stay in his place and in his case to be admired by the people he meets. He also has strong empathy since we immediately notice his ability to understand others and what interests others. He is a great observer of “humans” and I believe that it is this power that allows him to do his job so well and to highlight the athletes he interviews so gracefully.

Thank you to the Tours Métropole Business Club for this opportunity.

In the meantime, you can also find all the sports available here: https://artistesportive.com/pages/sports