More than 60 sports illustrations available in posters, tote bags, water bottles and cups to personalize

I draw each design myself and print on the supports directly in my workshop in Tours. I print on demand which avoids wasting stock. By offering my products to your audience you offer original gifts for all types of athletes (men, women, children, Para), customizable products (cups and water bottles with a first name), coming from a French designer.

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  • The more you sell, the more your commission increases!

    5% per product sold

    7% from 50 sales

    10% from 100 sales

  • Customizable promotional codes

    A promo code is already available in the affiliate program but it is possible to have CUSTOMIZABLE ones!

  • Flexibility of offers

    We can discuss ways we can work together to maximize our revenue. So don't hesitate to contact me.

More than twenty banners available, and even more on demand!

I created a series of advertising banners to optimize the promotion of different products! Thanks to my activity as a graphic designer via I can create posters ON DEMAND as well as personalized GIFS.

Participate in the program